Greve in Chianti Italy – May 2014

Greve country side

Greve country side

Greve – such a pleasant town.

We hired a car and drove from Firenze to Greve. A town surrounded by olive trees and vineyards, not such a major tourist attraction, so pleasant to spend time here. When we arrived we were quite a bit early to book in to our accommodation, so we planned on going food shopping. For the Tuscan part of our trip we stayed in farmhouses, Agriturismo, which is self catering and our plan was to buy as much fresh fruit and veggies from the local market/grocer and enjoy the cooking experience in Italy. Much to our ‘surprise’ almost all shops are closed for lunch between 1 and I think 4 o’clock. So if you ever go – do remember this. I do think it is quite a nice ‘tradition’ at lack of a better word to take things slow – something we tried to bring back home and incorporate into our lives. Whether it is to walk more to the shops, try to shop more from markets than grocers, just take life at ease and take it in.

When you visit Greve make sure you have nice accommodation with a view as you want to sit and absorb the scenery, eat and drink a glass of wine. This was where we relaxed from our touristy holiday. There also is not as much to do in the town so you want to be sure where you stay is enjoyable.  We stayed at Podere Torre and had a wonderful time. You have a lovely view over the valley and everything you need is available, comfortable and clean. There was a cherry tree full of fresh cherries we could pick, contributing to our fresh Italian experience. We also had amazing breakfasts here.

In Greve the town you will find a beautiful town square with nice shops and restaurants around it. The famous butchery is there (of which I forgot the name) but go have a look it is impressive. You can do wine, cheese and meat tastings here. The town has an underground cellar/cantina where you can taste all the different wines of the different regions, a really nice stop to give you some foundation/groundwork for the rest of your trip if you want to experience the wines of Italy.

Greve has a market on Saturdays, it is quite entertaining as you will find everything. Fresh fruit and veggies, meats, clothing such as scarfs, handbags, swimwear, underwear?? It was interesting, not something you see often.

Greve was one of our favourite towns during our trip as it is what it is, a very sweet farm town.


Podere Torre

Podere Torre

IMG_7142 cherries