Finding a house to call home

The title should actually read the FRUSTRATION of finding a house to eventually call home. My husband and I are looking for a house, but in South Africa and possibly anywhere else in the world, currently it is a seller’s market. Meaning people sell very bad (even strange) homes for extremely expensive and they sell quick. It is so frustrating…you go to view house after house after house to be just more shocked of what is available and how the prices are climbing.

This might seem like a random irrelevant post, but my blog name is myhomelifeblog… I am excited to soon be typing from our home, one day. We are currently living in a flat, very nice open plan and sunny with a balcony, where we can do our container gardening – another thing to look forward to is gardening! We are extremely happy here, we’re looking out on trees and we hear birds, it is nice. We are in no hurry to make a move, thus we are slowly going through the peculiar experience of house hunting.

The question I guess is what do you call home? Of course we all have a list of what we want in our dream house, where we want to live, but home – that is where the heart is, or how do they say? To me home is wherever I currently find myself with my family. To live there and enjoy every moment and not longing for something else or a dream, as you might just completely miss out on life. I know, we are blessed in SA to be able to buy houses as many places around the world you only find blocks of flats as there are no space for houses.

I will be sharing a bit on the experience of searching for our house and just our home experiences.