Siena Italy – May 2014

Siena hills

Siena hills

We drove from Greve in Chianti to Siena area – a must see in Italy. The area represents everything you have pictured Tuscany to be from old movies, rolling hills with Cypress trees, a herd of sheep old farm houses on the top of hills. It is beautiful.

We did not spend too much time here, but were so glad we did see this part of Italy, we would definitely recommend it. We actually never went into Siena the town itself as we had amazing views and such special accommodation where we stayed at San Giovanni in Poggio’s. We also heard Siena the town is quite a lot like San Giminano and completely focused on tourists, so we rather enjoyed the little time we had at leisure gazing over the hills.

When we got to our accommodation we were informed all shops are closed in town on the next day, the Sunday. Again something I wish could happen back here in South Africa. You will be forced to a day of rest. No running errands, rushing to the shops etc etc. I really enjoy these periods of rest over lunch and on the Sunday that Italy has. It forces you to just stop a little bit, take a pause of your busy life and refocus. Anyway.

We pre booked a wine tasting at Conti Constanti Viticultori. If you visit Italy you have to pre-book your tastings. This wine farm specialises in Brunello a wine they say you can keep up to 100 years, quite impressive. It was very good, but extremely expensive to buy. But completely worth it to visit. They really took pride in what they make.

I will add two or three photos to show how this area looks, it is again completely different from the rest of Italy, the pace is slow, but so beautiful and peaceful.

If ever in Italy, try to make a stop here. It reminded us of the movie Under the Tuscan sun.



Siena Hills – San Giovani in Poggio in distance


San Giovani in Poggio


Siena sunset


Conti Constanti Viticultori cellar


Conti Constanti Viticultori – ‘matured’ bottles of brunello