Container gardening

I love gardening, plants growing and blooming from scratch – it is exciting to see especially if you get to eat the fruit!

We live in a flat, so no garden for us yet, however we do container gardening on our porch. It is working wonderful! We have herbs growing over the railing in a pot and another container with salad leafs, jalapenos¬†and green peppers. Currently I’m experimenting with tomato seeds and the new plants have just broken through the ground. I find it thrilling to see life appearing out of the dirt!

Well on this section of my blog I will write about interesting gardening reads. Show what we are growing and how it is doing and also when we move into a house have much more to write on proper gardening.

I hope you enjoy reading this and that it inspires you in a way to try to be green, grow something, even better grow food!