Victorinox Angled Y-peeler

Victorinox Y-Peeler

Victorinox Y-Peeler

The Victorinox Angled Y-peeler is a great basic tool to have in any kitchen. It is nothing fancy and can do no magical tricks, but it is easy to use with a sharp blade. Just what you need in a peeler.

It might be odd to do a review on a very plain peeler, but if you have had my history with peelers you would also love this one. I have had peelers getting stuck in the middle of the vegetable needing force to get the thing loose, no-one wants that while cooking or being in a hurry. I’ve had peelers that just break for no reason. This one has been lasting for a while, good track record.

When I cook I prefer to use fresh vegetables mostly, not pre-cut and packaged (sometimes the ease of those gets the best of me) as I believe you preserve most of the vegetable’s nutrition cutting it as close to when preparing your food as possible. Another reason is I also enjoy shopping at our local market for my fresh whole food produce. This means I end up with hardy skinned vegetables such as butternut…. this peeler slices away easily and really makes the job much less frustrating. I think peeling a butternut, when you’re not using the skin, is one of life’s most miserable tasks. I’ve had enough butternuts flying over the counter…

Trust you will find this brief review helpful. I am quite impressed with this little plastic Victorinox Y-peeler! It comes at a very affordable price as well.