I have decided another category should be added to my home life blog as it actually forms quite a special part of home that I share with my husband. Wine. When we got married it was like a whole new world opened up to me. Daunting at first, not knowing what to taste or smell, what words to use to describe it as you experience it as everyone has their own say and opinion. I do however believe you should enjoy it.

You can see from above that again I am no sommelier/expert, neither is my husband. We (yes, I will be including him in this section as this is more his hobby) will write reviews about wines, local (South African) and abroad. We hope that you will enjoy reading our posts.

We are extremely proud of our South African wines and hope this will also give you a better understanding or opinion about South African wine and vineyards. When we visited Italy earlier this year we met a couple from America and found out from them they know SA for our hunting and has never heard that we have vineyards and make wine, I guess a lot of people around the world believe the same then? Quite sad as we are very good at it and we have gorgeous wine estates. You can spend a whole afternoon at the wine estates outside under the trees usually next to a dam and close to beautiful mountains. It is a unique experience and trip. If you ever visit South Africa include a few wine tastings and, no – at most farms they are open specific hours and you can just show up, no pre-bookings necessary. Most farms also offer very nice cheese and fruit platters or do food and wine pairings or chocolate and wine. It is fantastic, do come and experience this!

I leave you with a quote from De Grendel Estate’s Rubaiyat 2011:

“Then to the earthen Bowl did I adjourn

My Lip the secret Well of life to Learn:

And Lip to Lip it mur-mur’d – ‘While you live

Drink! – for once dead you never shall return.’ ”

Written on their label – nice