Seared Salmon with balsamic, soya and honey sauce

Seared Salmon

Seared Salmon

Our Sunday lunch for today was seared salmon with a sauce mixture of balsamic vinegar, soya sauce and honey. We also had Pink Oyster mushroom risotto with this which complimented it very well. Will do a separate post on the risotto as it can be served as a dish on its own.

Salmon is one of my favourite fish, so much taste and flavour and so so easy to prepare. The fish itself makes the dish, so you do not have to do too much to it when cooking. It is plain brilliant as it is. You can eat it raw with soya for crying out loud – sashimi. I will give the recipe below for the seared salmon as well as the balsamic sauce that we made with it. The two compliment each other very well. The sauce tastes horrible when you try it on its own without the salmon – so be warned if you do taste it beforehand, not too great, but with the fish it brings out the flavours of the fish.


We used a fresh salmon fillet, bones picked. You can use it with or without skin.

Place the fish outside of the fridge a few minutes before you want to sear it. If you are going for a very quick sear with the inside raw you don’t want it refrigerator cold as it will not have enough time on the pan to heat up in the center.

Take sea salt and rub it in on both sides – this will be a bit crunchy when eating, we love it, but if you don’t, then take a salt that is a little bit less rough.

Heat your pan to high heat. We used a griddle pan and sprayed it with spray & cook – no butter or oil used.

Place fish in pan once ready – now you need to be quick, turn the fish quickly until it is cooked to your perfection. My husband eats his quite raw, I prefer the flesh a little bit more opaque.

It is that easy. Serve with fresh lemon and the balsamic, honey, soya sauce or just with soya sauce. It goes well with sweet potato or potato mash and a fresh salad. Today we tried a Pink Oyster mushroom risotto. It went superb with the salmon. The pink oyster compliments any seafood dish very well, so the combination really played off, it is perfect as a dish on its own as well.

Rub sea salt into raw Salmon fillet

Rub sea salt into raw Salmon fillet


Mix together balsamic vinegar, honey and soya sauce. You don’t have to use measurements, I used the balsamic vinegar as base for the sauce and added a little bit of honey, tip of teaspoon, and a bit of soya, about three squirts. The combination sounds odd and also tastes odd on its own, but with the salmon it is really tasty. It can be served warm, then it does not cool the fish down (I used it cold however). Serve it aside so that you add to your fish as you eat and can decide how much of it you want. A lot of people prefer their salmon as clean and close to ‘in the ocean’ as possible.

Balsamic Vinegar, Honey and Soya Sauce

Balsamic Vinegar, Honey and Soya Sauce

The recipe above is extremely easy and always successful, I do hope you try it if you have not seared your own salmon. No need to only have salmon in the restaurants!

Do see my post to follow on Pink Oyster mushroom Risotto to compliment this dish.