Italy done… going to Spain and France!



Venice is the last blog post on our trip to Italy. As you have read we had a wonderful tour of Italy and would go back any day if given the chance. We loved the art, museums, beautiful buildings, the delicious food, wine and culture, the whole experience.

What we have ‘taken’ for ourselves from this trip was to firstly take life slower. If it means walking to the market, buying food, coming home and cooking or to just take more rest days, whatever change necessary. I guess it means don’t forget to live in the moment and taste and smell life as well. We also want to travel our own country more, we loved doing all the different towns of Italy and want to see more of South Africa. We have a gorgeous country and I would like to show it to you on my blog as well. We also want to do more just in Cape Town itself, we have mountains to hike with views just as beautiful as in Cinque Terre, many nature parks, beaches, open top bus tours to do of the city, great restaurants, wine estates. Looking forward to ‘touring’ our home town!

It was the best gift to do the trip with my husband and share so many experiences with him, it really was a treat! We created so many memories that we will most definitely never forget. I guess that is the thing with traveling, you experience a bit of a different country, a different lifestyle, take a tiny piece for yourself and bring it back home. You expand your horizons as my father would always say. It was so worth it. I felt kind of sad writing my last post.

I am extremely excited to announce we will be going to Barcelona and the South of France, Carcassonne area, with a bit of Paris next year August! Looking forward to wonderful different cultures and capturing them on camera! Eating their food, drinking their wine and seeing the beauty of those countries. We cannot wait! It is great having a trip to look forward to.

You can be sure to look out for posts on these great cities and countries!


Entrance to Piazzale del Popolo - Rome, Italy

Entrance to Piazzale del Popolo – Rome, Italy

Leaning tower of Pisa

Leaning tower of Pisa