“I’m a survivor!” – would my basil say if it could speak

Basil - Herb

Basil – Herb

Basil is the one plant that I have struggled to grow. I guess we are not best friends, even though I love the taste of basil and using it in several dishes. So it really is a massive pity.

I bought an indoor basil plant that should be kept indoors, out of direct sunlight. It was not even one day and some of the stems started to die. There were about five small plants in the pot, four dried up. The last stem had two sorrowful leaves on it, I was getting angry at the pot taking up my very little counter space in the flat and decided to put it outside on the porch with the other plants to either survive or properly die before I throw it out.

It survived. It is so weird, but since the ‘indoor’ plant has been outside on the porch getting sun, rain and wind it has gained leaves, the leaves has grown bigger and firmed up and the green has deepened in colour. It is a shame that the other four stems had to die as one stem will not give enough leaves to use without destroying the plant. I am however excited about the ‘new life’ my plant is showing. In futureĀ all basil will be going directly outside. Will definitely be doing a post on basil when we move to a house with a garden. Our porch can only hold so many containers before starting to look like a home-made nursery.

Hopefully there is light at the end of the dark tunnel for basil and myself.

I hope this post gives you a bit of hope for those failing plants…