Hunting days are over! – We found a house

We found a home! I cannot believe that I can say these words! After the long and very difficult search we can finally say our ‘house hunting’ days are over.

As I have written in a previous post, we are in a fortunate position in South Africa that we have enough available land for houses, not something you find in all cities. The market was extremely tough being a seller’s market, much more demand than supply, definitely not good news for any buyer.

One of the last houses we viewed was terrible, location was average, the place was neglected, broken doors and windows, a washing machine-made to fit on top of the toilet in the outside toilet room?? Very weird things, anyway, it sold immediately. After that we decided that we will keep an eye on the market should something pop up, but that we are in no haste, we will give it another year and perhaps the market will look much different then. Even though you try to forget about the whole search your mind never completely switches off, probably because of fear of missing the right opportunity. It has been a tiresome process, but we will not regret it, my husband and myself really got to know each other even more through it.

I received a property alert in my emails, the house looked interesting, so I requested more information to know exactly where it is situated. Driving to our flat I saw the real estate agents board up outside the complex next to our complex with flats. What is the chance! We made an appointment to go view. Knowing how our flat faces the sun we knew immediately that the house is perfect for us now, as we love living in our flat. The house in the new complex sits exactly as our flat so we know we will have lovely natural light. It has a nice garden, not too massive but a very nice size for a complex, we are looking forward to lots and lots of gardening!

It is a good few months still before we can move as the current owner needs to wait for her new house to be built. It is going to be a very long wait. In the meantime we will continue with our container garden. We will (and have started) dream up lots of ideas that we want to do in and around the house, especially in the garden.

Our study faces the sunny part of the house with a nice window looking out over the garden. I cannot wait to be blogging from there, or to sit and draw and paint. So thankful!