Stargazer lilies – grown from last year’s bulbs

Stargazer lily

Stargazer lily

How often have you received potted flowers as a gift only to be stuck with the pot of dried soil in the end feeling to bad to throw it into the garbage? I received the most beautiful strong pink/purple Stargazer lilies as a gift. They were such a treat in the house. I was quite sad to see them wilt away.

After enjoying the flowers for a good few days / weeks they started to wilt. Eventually the stems completely dried out and I only had the pot with dry soil left. Most of the times I would just throw it away as there is no space in a flat for a dried out ugly plastic pot, you can put it in a pretty container, but it still is only soil.

This time I decided to let the pot be for a year, that should give the bulbs enough time to bloom again. If not it will end up with the garbage. I must say, the pot stood on the porch, got wind, sun, rain, hail. I sometimes forgot to water it, other times I flooded it. Then just when it worked on my nerves a bit too much as I was sure it has been a year, the crispy green heads popped through the soil!

It was the greatest surprise. I did not think my shop bought flower-pot will bloom again. Two of the three stems survived. The third died after heavy rains. They are growing and must still develop the flower heads. I will give you an update once they flower as they are beautiful.

Next time you receive a potted gift think twice before discarding of the whole thing once it has finished flowering! I am looking forward to a proper garden, then I don’t have to sit with a dried soil pot on my porch for a whole year, then I can replant it in the garden at least.

Hope this inspired you a bit to start experimenting with your flowers/plants you receive as gifts – start ‘gardening’ them!


You can read the updated post with the flower in full bloom here.

Stargazer lilies

Stargazer lilies