Oven roasted vegetables

Roasted vegetables

Roasted vegetables

I am a vegetable lover. I will eat it for breakfast if I have leftovers from the previous evening… I believe there are few things as good as roasted vegetables.

Everyone knows it can take forever to get vegetables cooked through when roasting them in the oven. My trick is to first steam them till they are almost perfect. Then throw it out into a big oven-proof dish for roasting. You will have the same eating sensation of roasted vegetable with the roasted taste coming through, but you will be spared the worry of hard pieces of potatoes for instance.

You can take almost any vegetables and cut them up into big chunks. I used baby potatoes, carrots, butternut, beans, broccoli and small onions for this dish.



– vegetables cut into chunks / cubes

– olive oil

– salt and pepper

– garlic (optional)

– fresh herbs (such as oregano or rosemary)


1. Cut vegetables into chunks.

2. Steam vegetables until almost ready (you can do hard and softer vegetables separately to ensure the softer veggies such as broccoli doesn’t mush).

3. Add vegetables to large oven-proof dish (pick a pretty one! It is all about presentation).

4. Add a dash of olive oil over the vegetables, add salt and pepper, add garlic (crushed or whole), add fresh herbs (chopped oregano).

5. Roast vegetables on 180 degrees celsius for 30 – 40 minutes.

I trust you will enjoy this dish, the steaming has saved me several times when I had to prepare a ‘quick’ supper having friends over.


Roasted veggies

Roasted veggies