Quick and easy summer Bacon and Feta Wrap

Bacon and Feta wrap

Bacon and Feta wrap

I am not sure about you, but my life has become ten times more busy overnight in December? It is the crazy season as people say and I am finding it hard to find time to cook proper meals and eat fresh, healthy food. It is summer in South Africa, so fresh is definitely the way to go.

Wraps are such an easy option, you can eat them hot or cold, with any filling, meat, veggies, salad, so many options. As it is really easy to make I will not write an essay on it, I will just give one idea on a delicious mixture of flavours for your perfect summer wrap. Great for a picnic outdoors at the beach or Kirstenbosch. I had mine for lunch at work, not the idyllic setting as just described.

Firstly you need to buy your wraps, there are different types available with whole wheat or just white flour. I used a white flour wrap. You need to cook your meat and can decide whether you want to use it cold or hot. I used mine cold and ended up heating the whole wrap as I changed my mind of what I want in the end.

BACON AND FETA WRAP – serves one – takes 10min


– bacon (one or two strips) – cut into cubes

– feta (half a slice) – break into small pieces

– salad leaves – sliced

– purple cole slaw – sliced

– mayonnaise

– wrap

– salt and pepper


1. cook the meat (I had cooked bacon in the fridge, made the whole preparation process extremely quick)

2. prepare your wrap – you can read the package instructions as some may vary, I like to heat mine quickly in the pan – I imagine it improves the taste

3. add filling to centre of wrap – add the bacon cubes, feta pieces, salad leaves and cole slaw. Add mayo for moisture – a teaspoon or two, depending on taste. Add salt and pepper. You could add mustard, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc, but I just used these ingredients, it was good. I think mustard will be a hit however, especially Dijon mustard.

4. wrap your wrap – I wish I took a photo of how I wrapped it, but did not have time (as I mentioned it is the crazy season) – If you have the wrap as an open circle in front of you, pretend there is a rectangle in the middle of it – add filling here – slightly off centre, then fold in the bottom and top sides of the wrap, after that roll in wrap from side where filling is so that you have a closed roll.

5. serve – cut in half and serve on a pretty plate – I love my blue plate as the white wrap doesn’t look pale against the plate. You can heat the wrap – see second picture below.


I trust you will enjoy this quick and tasty meal. Not something a chef will add to their blog, but this is a good reflection of our life currently. Running from point A to B, busy busy.


Bacon and Feta wrap served cold

Bacon and Feta wrap served cold

Bacon and Feta wrap served warm - see melted cheese

Bacon and Feta wrap served warm – see melted cheese