Random post – pet peeves

This post is totally unrelated to any topic on my blog, no food, travel, garden or home ideas here. I am just completely freaked out or rather grossed out and need a way to let it all go. Do you have any interesting pet peeves? I had to do work with a colleague just now and survived several hours of being grossed out.

I believe we are all unique and everyone has a right to be who they are. You do not have to be all prim and proper and stuck up and perfect. Anyway, I also believe there is a point where freedom stops, where common manners or sense steps in and as a general rule, us humans respect each other and try to not gross someone out especially with yucky bodily noises.

So what happened? My colleague sniffed continuously and refused to blow her nose. Making every possible noise and movement to keep her nose from running (I am trying to not be too descriptive otherwise I am the one grossing out). I got up to get her some toilet paper as a tissue and politely said here you go, she took the paper, blew her nose and placed the soaked used tissue on top of my work papers – they are going into the dustbin… So the tissue was used once and since then it was me and the snorter. Every time that awful sound would come I’d squirm deeper into my seat, becoming more and more silent and distant. In the end I could not keep quiet and told her it really sounds bad and she laughed??? Continuing with her anti-blow streak. When she left it felt as if I’ve picked up the cold not feeling too well, but I guess it is just my mind messing with me.

Anyway, I will leave my situation at that. But don’t you find it odd and also very awkward when faced with such a situation. What do you do? Keep a straight face? Move further away? Ask the person to not do it and tell them it is a bad habit as it might actually help them in future? Then again who are you to say what is right and what is wrong? I don’t know, it was bad. All I know is if I did that nose-thing I would definitely want it brought to my attention so I can learn to not do it.

As I was sitting at my desk listening to the snorts and reverses, I could not help see previous pet peeve situations flash by. People cutting their nails at work and you can hear it or see it, people scratching in their toes when wearing sandals, people scratching in their ears or nose and then touching you or your laptop or phone. When a drink like coffee gets slurped up or people talk with a mouth full of food. Or how about sitting somewhere where you can’t leave like a sermon or the movies and someone close to you take off their shoes and they have smelly feet…and you are stuck.

I will leave the topic at that.

Do you have any random pet peeves? What do you do if people gross you out? I am already not looking forward to tomorrow when the project at work needs to continue….