Stir-fried Thyme Mushrooms

Thyme mushrooms

Thyme mushrooms

Mushrooms are one of those types of food you either love or hate. I love it. It is great experimenting with it as it hardly ever fails. I enjoy a combination of butter stir-fried mushrooms with fresh Thyme herbs added to it, just to give the normal old boring mushrooms a special twist.

Apparently mushrooms are not vegetables but just fall into the Fungi category, I do sometimes however only serve mushrooms as the vegetable portion with a meal.



– Mushrooms (as many as you like) (I used whole button mushrooms)

– Thyme (fresh preferably)

– Butter


1. Wash your mushrooms to get rid of any soil, try not to leave it in a bowl of water as the mushrooms absorb the water and will then be watery in your dish.

2. Melt a dollop of butter – the saltiness in  butter gives a delicious taste to the mushroom and help to brown it and give a golden colour.

3. Add the mushrooms and stir-fry, when they start to turn golden brown add the fresh Thyme leaves to the mushrooms, I used the leaves of about five Thyme stems – you can decide how many you want. The idea with adding the herbs is to give it a special taste, but not overwhelming, you still want to taste the mushrooms.

4. Serve

These mushrooms go well with almost any dish, it can be served with both fish, white and red meat.

Do enjoy


Thyme mushrooms

Thyme mushrooms