Prevent an epic failure – cooking curried beans

I have made curried beans just now and lived through an epic failure. In fact it just made me feel totally incompetent and dumb. But that put aside, I have previously posted a recipe for Curry Beans – it makes a delicious cold salad and is the perfect gap filler in a plate. It goes wonderfully well with cold meats.

To find the recipe please follow THIS link.

What I forgot today (as it was not written out on my recipe) was to first dissolve the corn starch in a bit of cold water. I know this is basics, but if you are under pressure to get the beans done (they take about 30min) in your lunch hour you forget the basics. I will go amend my post on the beans to prevent anyone following in my footsteps.

So I added the corn starch directly to my warm curry sauce and it went hard like glue. No way of pressing it out, it failed. Now I realized the mistake I have made and tried to ‘quick’ fix it as my lunch hour is running out at a great speed. I wanted to throw the sauce through a strainer to get rid of the balls (cement textured) corn starch and to then add water to the new corn starch first to dissolve before adding it to the recipe. What did I do under pressure… I threw the mixture through the strainer over the sink and forgot to add a bowl to capture the rest of my perfect curry sauce… that is what I call a very dumb error. So I was left with ONLY the corn starch balls!

Bottom line, I redid the sauce and had all done you can say almost just in time.

What to remember when cooking – try to take the pressure off by not being in a hurry. Read your whole recipe before you start and mostly THINK.

Hope you enjoyed this ‘epic fail’ of mine as I had quite a good laugh – afterwards. In South Africa in Afrikaans we use a term ‘flop’ a very good description as this was a good big flop.

I am so happy to have my fridge filled with jars of curried beans again!