The year is coming to an end, and quickly

I guess this will be another random post, and I am yet to create a ‘random’ category on my blog. I don’t know about you, but this year has flown by. And I am stuck with a wall-mounted clock ticking the seconds away at a speedy pace, very noisily, reminding me of time running out, annoyingly, teasingly. The clock does not yet know it, but it is on borrowed time… (excuse the pun)

I don’t want to write a post on the end of the year or new years resolutions. In fact I have no idea what I want to write, but as I have had so little time to write proper posts I am sitting with loads of photos that still need their stories, and today I do not feel like adding a story to one of those photos. There are too many things happening at once that you end up not knowing when to do what and so it just continues and you end up doing nothing of what you actually planned. I hate this feeling, and no, I am not bad at planning, life is just abnormally busy.

As I have mentioned previously we have bought a house, we are waiting on the current owner’s house to be built before we can move in. We have decided to be pro-active and take the little time we have over the festive season (not having leave currently) to sort out our storage. Give away what we can, sell some of it and keep what is needed. It is very hard work, but so rewarding. It is the best feeling seeing the mountain of chaos shrinking. It gives a feeling of freedom. Being able to breathe.

I guess this ‘perspective’ can be taken and used to enter the new year. Do away with clutter and make life more easy for you. You do not need all your STUFF. Whether it is things taking up space in your home, room or house, get rid of it, make room for you to live and enjoy the space you have. Get rid of things making you feel smothered, it is good to not only cleanse your home, but to cleanse your body, get your mind clean and uncluttered as well. Decide what you enjoy doing and do more of it, try to do less of what you do not enjoy. I almost want to say, learn to say no and that you do not need to give any reasons – that is what I am teaching myself currently…

This last paragraph might sound like I I I, I do not believe life is only about oneself, you are here to reach people, but in order to do that you must look after yourself, be content and be happy.

So why not take this chance (even though it is just another day) and make the new year a good one. Start it on a good note and try to create good habits, easier said than done I know. My post probably just became a new years one… was not my intention. I do not want to say set a list of goals with a target date, I never reach those anyways, but de-clutter your life, mind, body, environment, start fresh and enjoy it. I must say as it is summer in South Africa it is much easier as it is almost natural wanting to do so.

The clock on my wall is still ticking away at high-speed, I think I will start by getting it replaced with a quiet one that does not notify me of every second of life passing by.

Enjoy the next two days and whatever festivities you have planned!