Aphids – plant lice – my worst enemy – Part 2

I have tried several steps to get rid of aphids in my container garden. As mentioned in my first post, it literally is war. They are so difficult to kill or at least contain how they spread. You can read my first post here.

As mentioned in my first post the aphids killed my green peppers and moved over to my salad leaves and now also my jalapenos. This pushed my buttons a bit too much as the jalapeno is one of our very first container plants and it has been doing very well, flourishing in fact with a big harvest. What happened once the aphids started to attack it and suck the life out it? The whole plant went droopy and floppy at lack of a better description, if it does not recover the jalepenos will all be lost if we do not harvest them immediately.

I have tried the garlic pesticide for at least a week and yesterday had my third or fourth spray. Today I realized I am busy loosing my jalapeno and I went over to step 2. Wash the aphids off of the plants with water and soap. I made a mixture of water and sunlight liquid (soap for dishes) and started to wash the plants in the container. It was one massive mission, but do remember, I am desperate by now to save them. I was shocked at how many aphids there are. I could see the white dot of old dead aphids, brownish dots of ‘newly’ dead aphids, so the spray definitely worked, but not well enough. There were hundreds of green aphids crawling around. It is true, they are very slow, but they also drop from the leaves to ‘save’ themselves. Very annoying.

I started off with a cloth washing off the leaves. I could see black spots starting to form on the leaves, they say aphids spread a ‘deadly’ fungi on plants that start with black spots (deadly to the plant). I ended up using just my hands and the water pulling over the leaves and washing them. Getting rid of the honeydew sticky residue and the disgusting aphids. It is much easier to capture them like this. I ended up cutting away most of my salad leaves as it was easier to get rid of the pests that way. They even moved to my succulent type plant, the spekboom!

I had to go through the plants at least three times to make sure I got all of the aphids as they drop to the soil and then just climb back onto the plants a few minutes later. I trust I got most of them. I do hope this was enough to save the jalapeno plant. I hear it works well adding soap to water and spraying it over the plants – definitely something to remember in the future if this works!


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