Mountain biking – or rather cycling for the first time in years

Yesterday was the first time I got onto a bike in probably, 15 or 16 years, or at least not a stationary bike. We found out cycling is about the only sport/exercise my husband can currently do after operations and a very very long recovery period. So I have decided I will try the sport with him. I must still decide whether I will create a section on my blog for this…MTB, sports, health, something like that…if it lasts I will definitely.

My husband has a bike and gear and he has cycled and is much more into it, but me…well pretty much for fun when I was in school. I am borrowing basically everything from everyone to see whether I can get into the sport and whether this is something we can do together. As we live in a wine region in South Africa we are right between fabulous wine farms with mountain biking trails, we are perfectly situated, basically in cyclist heaven, so why not give it a try?

We started with a rather easy 10km cycle yesterday morning. We stayed in the residential area, we will only be moving over to proper mountain biking when I feel comfortable with it. One hill can be compared to the toughest or similar (elevation wise) hill in the Cape Argus cycle race (which is probably easy for most cyclists) – well it nearly murdered me as I apparently did it in the wrong gear… so I am learning. It was a good start to see it is possible to cycle and enjoy it. I am looking forward to our next ‘trip.’

For now we are just building stamina, I am figuring out what gear I want or works for me and I am going to follow quite a few MTB blogs to start getting my mind into the thing. It is a whole new world that is busy revealing itself to me bit by bit, and I am excited. I look forward to knowing what I am doing on the bike, to experience speed and hopefully technique and mostly, to ride out that hill with no effort.

I will be doing a few posts on our journey getting into the sport. I must say the timing is perfect with ‘new year’ – what better time to get fit and into a more healthy routine!