Aphids – plant lice – GONE – Part 3

Plant lice - Aphids

Plant lice – Aphids

If you followed my previous two posts, you would know I had quite a battle against plant lice. I am happy to announce, they are gone and my Jalepeno has been saved. It has taken a big knock, so I hope it survives the heat bearing all its fruit drawing its energy.

You can read my first two posts by following the below links where I gave a good description of tips to follow to get rid of plant lice and also to what extreme measurements I had to go.

Part 1, Part 2

Since I have finally gotten rid of these horrible creatures I decided it is okay to post only one photo of the pest. If you start to see these on your plants, take action against them immediately! They spread, well, like lice.

Good luck controlling those garden pests.