Jalepeno harvest!


I finally have my complete Jalepeno harvest. Look at these beautiful colours together.

Unfortunately we had to harvest a few Jalepenos before they turned red as my plant never recovered completely after the aphid attack. You can read about that here. We were scared that the plant dies before they all reddened and that the Jalepeno fruit looses their firmness without us noticing it, so we decided to rather just harvest it all. That way we can be sure to enjoy the Jalepenos and the plant has more energy to maybe make it, not having to keep all the fruit going. Unfortunately I think this time he might not survive.

I will be posting photos soon of Chilli poppers that we are looking forward to making from our own Jalepeno peppers.

As I always mention, it is very rewarding growing plants that give you food you can harvest and eat, do try it.

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Find a recipe to make your own Jalapeno / Chilli Poppers HERE.