Replanting tomatoes


Replanting tomato plants.

This post is really delayed. I do apologise. We have replanted our tomatoes that we have grown from seeds to a bigger pot. They are doing very well and we are looking forward to a beautiful tomato harvest!

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post on how to plant tomato seeds (you can read it here and here), I have planted the seeds almost on top of each other. I had to loosen the roots from each other and pull the plants apart before I could replant them. We lost the smallest plants, but we did have way too many for the pot.

Replanting Tomatoes:

1. You need a pot, small pebbles, good quality soil and bonemeal.


Soil, pebbles and pot. Bonemeal needed as well.

2. Make sure the pot has a hole at the bottom so water does not build up and drown your plants.


Pot with drainage hole.

3. Add pebbles to bottom of pot, this will help with drainage of water.


Layer of pebbles.

4. Add soil.

Add soil.

Add soil.

5. Add bonemeal and mix it through.

Add bonemeal.

Add bonemeal.

6. Separate plants and place them in the pot.


Separate tomato plants from each other.

7. Fill soil to just high enough to cover the roots and keep plants up straight.


Fill further with soil.

8. When done planting water thoroughly.


Water thoroughly.

I am looking forward to send you an update on our tomatoes soon.