Stir-fried Green Beans with Feta Cheese


Stir-fried green beans with feta cheese

This recipe is a quick and trustworthy winner, it has saved me numerous times to say the least.

I love green beans, especially if you stir fry them in a bit of butter, add some salt and pepper and then go wild, add sesame seeds (like I did in this recipe) add garlic, or add feta like I will describe below. The butter gives it a delicious salty taste (I do not add lots, just a knife tip full), it also helps brown the beans somewhat to give it a great colour. There is nothing I despise more than steamed or boiled beans that went mushy, tasteless and a funky off green or rather milky green colour. No wonder children often do not like green vegetables!

The other thing that makes me excited about this recipe is not only that it is delicious, it is very quick to make and beautiful. It really does something to a dull plate. As mentioned in my previous post where I gave the recipe for Stir-fried green beans with sesame seeds, it is the perfect gap filler for a plate, if you don’t know what else to make to complete a meal. It complements almost any food.



– green beans 250g – 500g, depending on how many you want to make

– half a wheel of feta cheese to a full one, broken into small block (you can add as much as you like)

– butter (one dollop, I take a knife tip full)

– salt and pepper


1. wash the green beans and cut off the tips

2. add water to the pan (this will help to cook them all soft, sometimes when just stir-frying the food burns before it is soft)

3. throw out water when beans becomes soft (not too soft otherwise it will mush and break apart when stir-frying)

4. add a lump of butter to stir fry

5. add salt and pepper (ground, not the thin sprinkle type)

6. when beans are ready (you will see the turn dark and have that roasted look about them) add the feta, give a quick stir, some of the feta will melt and become crispy (delicious) but you want to keep them in their blocks as that really looks great.

Serve immediately. If you have guests over and want to prepare it to a point so that it goes quickly before serving you can finish it up until point 3. Then you just reheat the beans in the pan with the lump of butter and add the salt and pepper and the feta cheese. I usually do this to save some time. It is not nice finishing the dish and then having to reheat as the feta melts quite a bit.

This will go well with any fish, you can try the seared salmon or seared salmon with lemon thyme. It also goes well with a quick meal like a wrap.



Cut off tips

Cut off tips

Boil until they turn just soft - not too soft

Boil until they turn just soft – not too soft

Add a lump of butter to stir-fry

Add a lump of butter to stir-fry


Add salt, pepper and feta cheese