Life happened

Holiday at Hartenbos

Holiday at Hartenbos

I have been missing in action for the past few weeks. What can I say, we went on holiday and in between everything life just happened. It is difficult to start writing again, all of a sudden it feels as if there are no time, but I know I must just get over the first post then all will be back to normal, I hope.

What happened lately? We went to Hartenbos for a short holiday, very nice and relaxed coastal town on the South Coast of South Africa, you can read a previous post here. It was a good break as we do not have leave over the festive season. We enjoyed going to the beach, walking, cycling just getting away from emails and the daily rush of life.

Someone very close to me passed away, it was emotional and special and confusing to deal with emotions and saying goodbye to an amazing person and I really just did not feel like writing. I actually still do not feel like writing about that.

We cooked and baked some new recipes, looking forward to posting some on them.

Then we signed a lot of documents and got things in place as we are getting closer to our moving date. Exciting times. You can read a previous post on finding our home here. Cannot wait for the move and making the place our own. I think one of the things that excite me the most is to have my very own desk in front of a window overlooking our garden and being able to blog from there. I can just imagine it will be very much enjoyable.

We cycled quite a lot, I got my own bicycle (yay!) and also had my first fall! I might write a post about that on its own… I also managed to kind of break my bicycle in the process…. terrible! But it sounds like a quick and easy fix, will hopefully know by tonight. As I said I will do a post on this, my bicycle is an entry level bike, in the meantime I borrowed a friend’s bicycle, just to clarify.

Cape Town in South Africa got boiling hot last week, we reached 42 – 46 degrees Celsius, that equals a max of 114.8 Fahrenheit. We had fires wrecking havoc in nature, burning down some homes, forests, wildlife lost their habitat and got burned, a pilot got killed, it was very bad. It has been incredible however to see a community pull together to help. The fires are still not completely out, but we will get there.

Then I also got nominated for my first award. it was for the Liebster award, but that happened 25 days ago. I am so sorry for missing that. Did not want to be rude. Tash from Juice in my wineglass,  thank you so much for nominating me! Again I apologise for being kind of on another planet and Awol. I do not yet understand exactly what the awards are about and how it work, so I decided to not participate for now however.

Then our container garden is doing well, there are lots of green tomatoes, if the plant does not stop growing soon I will have no space for it on our balcony, not sure how our move will go with the plants… Looking forward to red tomatoes! Everything is growing well and survived our holiday. We had to get someone to come water it, almost like taking care of pets.

I believe that was life the past month and probably a bit. What can I say, life is precious, enjoy it, live it and take it in!