I fell… and I fell… and I fell… and fell and fell

So we have taken our cycling to a ‘next’ level and went even more off road on a farm with quite a few hills. Firstly, it is such a blessing to live where we do and be allowed to join mountain biking clubs and cycle on the wine farms in Durbanville (South Africa). Secondly it is amazing to be away from any cars in a beautiful surrounding. Thirdly… I fell and just kept on falling and realized I still, well, suck at the off road cycling.

We cycled at Meerendal farm, one of the easier cycles, but it was just more technical than we (my husband and I) are used to. I actually think the Cape Epic cycle race ends here this coming weekend (probably not with the route we cycled). We learned a lot. Look further ahead in front of you, not just there right in front of the wheel, as that is exactly where you will fall.. Also lift your body and keep pedals level when going down a hill. (this wasn’t hectic downhill just meaning when you are going downward). I know that when going through turns you need to adjust your feet.. but we are not there yet, will try it next time. This sounds ridiculously obvious and minor, it did make a massive difference on my cycling however.

I was shocked how scared I got to continue cycling after falling really hard, but you just have to continue unless you want to walk all the way.  I guess I am a bit proud of all the burn marks, scratches and spots as proof of my falls, but something I would like to grow out of. Meaning not have marks because of better cycling.

We will be trying a new track this weekend. Looking anxiously forward to it. I cannot wait to be fit and have more strength in my legs, I enjoy our cycling times, but it would be great to feel more at ease with it.