I choose Cape Town

Sea snail

Sea snail

I feel a tiny bit out of control of my life at the moment, almost like the snail in the photo I took a while back at Hartenbos. Not in a depressing or rather negative way, but just in being busy and living this life we have. So this post is to subtly say – I am still ALIVE! I had to face thoughts that I guess every South African faces once or maybe twice in their lives.

We have a friend staying with us while he is on holiday in South Africa from oversees. My mind feel scratched open and bare. Quite a disgusting description I guess, but that is the truth. The reason for this is not because our friend is rude or mean or scratches away at us, it is just being challenged with the truth or alternatives normally not considered.

He moved away from South Africa several years  ago and has come back and seen changes. Good and bad. So this past few days (actually weeks) I have had to face all the negatives about our country and try to not be overwhelmed and run away and had to answer to questions on why we are here and why will we not move if life seems so green on the other side of the water. I do not even want to go into detail, but you can become quite disheartened at life if you just look at the negatives (which I do not deny the negatives SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING eg. crime in our country).

You might ask what am I getting at. I love South Africa, I love Cape Town. I want to live here for the rest of my life and I pray that I will be able to, as well as my children and their children. My heart aches for the pain and violence there is, but it aches even more for people judging and not really knowing how amazing our country is. Come see it for yourself, search the internet on the nice and positive things. Stop judging us and writing off our country. This is our home, my home. I LIVE here.

I will do my best to show you more of our lovely South Africa, especially of my extraordinary Cape Town in future posts. I myself am eager to see more of what we have to offer.

If you found this post quite random, here is a brief summary: I had to deal with the fact that some friends and family chose South Africa as their second choice. As studies have shown, if someone ‘buys’ something and their friends reject it their mind will change about their product. Their ‘customer satisfaction’ becomes less. That is what I was fighting if the rest of my post did not describe it well. I had to fight feeling rejected or ‘second choice’ as I chose South Africa as my first choice, a pretty remarkable first choice if I might add.

So now that I am over my misery. I am going to enjoy being South African.