Recycling – cute video


Have you ever really wondered about recycling? Well in South Africa it is relatively new in a sense that not everyone recycles yet. That is terrible! So how do we change it? We spread the word!

I have been faced with several articles lately showing for example how brilliantly Sweden recycles, they even need to bring rubbish into their country to keep their landfills going. Now that is well done! See an article here.

I cannot help but notice rubbish on streets and spoiling beautiful nature scenes along the roads. I know this is a massive project still. How can one complain about garbage flying everywhere if people still need proper housing toilets etc you may ask? I am not denying that, but I do wish to spread the word about recycling – that is my topic for this article. Throw away your rubbish and recycle as much as possible! Keep our beautiful land clean and be proud of it. Let us hope for a better cleaner future for generations to come.

See the video here.

Go spread the word!