Back in the saddle

It has been a while since I have cycled, but I am happy to say that I have broken the dead quiet winter break. We had proper sunshine for the first time in, well, winter (or at least when I had time to cycle while the sun is shining outside). It was great!

I do realise that cyclists will sneer at my first sentence about the weather, but as I am still getting into cycling, I am not there yet where you say come rain or wind I don’t mind. The other reason that I have not cycled recently was that I have subconsciously postponed it after my last cycling experiences were havoc and consisted out of me falling off of my bike. I hate falling and have tried to prevent falling completely I guess, by not getting back onto my bicycle..

My husband borrowed a bike for me with 26 inch wheels (again), I started off with 26 inch, but then bought a 27 inch wheeled bike. He has a theory that I keep on falling as I am less stable with the larger wheels. I do hope he is right. I must still go try them off-road and see how that goes..

I do hope that all goes well going forward as I miss our bike rides and it was wonderful to get out of the house and out into the fresh air! We got lights online a while back and must still try them out, will let you know how that goes. For now I am waiting for the early morning temperature to warm up a bit first, but I am excited to start cycling before work again.

Cycling (or just exercising in general) really makes one feel better, it is a great start to the day. Just struggling after this winter!