Politeness is the flower of humanity – Joseph Joubert



I do realise the picture is not the most beautiful flower, but I like it, so bear with me. I came across the quote of Joseph Joubert: “Politeness is the flower of humanity” and thought it is extremely true. It made me ponder over the concept.

How many times have you lived your life and someone would just be plainly rude or inconsiderate right out of the blue? How do you feel or act after that? I do realise that sometimes one can ask for it or evoke it some way or the other, but mostly people’s behaviour is just plainly poor.

Of course we must remember that the person acting out might have had a terrible day or experience and you might be the unfortunate one to cross their path on the worst possible moment. Then we must also remind the person behaving badly you do not know what the receiver of your bad attitude is going through in life and what effect your miserable behaviour or harsh words will have on them. I guess such a person would also not care as they might just be a miserable person to start with.

But it brings us to the bottomline, that we are all human, we all have feelings and emotions, we all go through different circumstances and react differently to it. Yes that might be the reason we are prone to react in a certain way, but it should also be exactly that reason why we try and react in a humane way in a considerate or polite way. Won’t the world just be a better, happier and less miserable place? Speak kindness and love. Rather build people up than breaking them down by snapping and uttering harsh deadly words. You can still make your harsh point or very valid point if someone is in need of it, but say it in a different way so that they can take something from what you said, learn and move forward, it is unnecessary to be sif (Afrikaans word meaning disgusting).

“Politeness is the flower of humanity” Joseph Joubert

I want to add to this and say – remember that you are only a human and you are interacting with fellow humans. Be humane.