Feeling upside down, inside out?

Beezy Bailey; Stellenbosch

Sculpture in Stellenbosch, I believe by Beezy Bailey

Have you ever felt like the sculpture in the above image? What do you think it resembles or implies?

I was feeling as if my day was a bit upside down and was reminded of the photo I took a few years back. I actually have no idea whether the sculpture is still on the sidewalk of a Stellenbosch street open and free for all to see. Let’s hope so as she really makes my day. I also had to google to find out who the sculptor was as I did not take a photo of the name, my source said Beezy Bailey. Do correct me if I am wrong.

I struggled to find a description of the meaning behind the image, I can also not remember whether anything was written on a plate near it, as I said, I took the photo a few years back. I think this image describes how women can often feel. Blue. Head over heels (and take note high heels). Even though dressed up feeling upside down. She has wings, not sure what this shows? Whether she has some magical powers or whether it makes her fly, but clearly it was just not enough as she landed straight onto her head. I also note that I do not see any arms – I’m afraid I am at a lost for this one. Replaced by wings that does not work??

I would love to hear your opinion or version of a possible meaning.

If you have never visited Stellenbosch, do make an effort to do so. It is one of the most beautiful towns in South Africa. You will see beautiful buildings, nature, art and find delicious food and coffee.

Hope you enjoyed the image!