Visiting Casa Batllo – designed by Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona, Spain

Casa Batllo, designed by Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona

Casa Batllo, Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona Spain

Today’s post will all be about Casa Batllo (pronounced Bayah) designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi. The house is in Barcelona, Spain, we visited August 2015.

You can buy tickets online on the official site; they include an audio guide which is really helpful. We bought our tickets at the tourist information office, paid a bit extra, but it gave us the freedom to visit on any day and any time, we could also skip the queue. Funny enough, when we visited there was only a short queue, but when we walked by the house on other days there were quite a queue, so it really depends how you strike it.

I loved how the house looked from the outside, all the flowers painted on the wall, the strange balconies that look like masks and the roof, beautiful colors and interesting contour, like that of a dragon. The house to the left of Casa Batllo is very fascinating itself.

When you visit you begin your tour on the first floor with the large flat, you then make your way up the staircase cladded with all the lovely (renowned) blue tiles to the attic and the roof. There is a courtyard at the side of the building, the large flat walks out onto it with some mosaic.

The audio guide comes with a little device with a screen, if you point it in directions in the room you are visiting it shows images of what the furniture would have looked like back in the days it was built. Really stylish and beautiful. Noticeably Gaudi used shapes from nature, which is a bit odd as we are not conditioned to it, but it is remarkable to see how clever and way before his period he was. The way he used ventilation in the window and door frames. How he tried to let natural light flow into the flat. Massive doors that open and close areas to join or separate them. The beautiful tiles at the staircase, making it beautiful and not just another inside of a building where no-one really cares how it looks. In the attic the ventilation is incredible, I cannot explain it well, but it is shaped like an egg almost, as the roof and the wall connects are open areas in it, so air breathes in and cools the room off. This area was used for washing etc. back in the days if I remember correctly. The roof has lights (perhaps only these days) but must be magical at night. And I cannot get over the dragon scaled roof, really beautiful.

Also note in the house you find a white square tile with a blue flower on it. The flowers on these tiles are copied throughout Barcelona indicating the modernist influence. I forgot to take a proper photo of the tile inside the house itself unfortunately.

I will let the photos do the talking. It should give you a sense of the house. I do apologise for the quality, but could not take photos with a flash.

You will ask the question are we glad we visited, yes. We also visited Casa Mila/La Pedrera (same place) I loved the look of Casa Mila, my husband loved Casa Batllo, I think it is enough to visit one house if you have limited time. It is quite expensive (or in our currency at least) and it isn’t mind blowing like the church, Sagrada Familia. It is really nice to visit and get a glance into the mind of Antoni Gaudi however. We did not have time to visit Park Guell or some of his other places.


Casa Battlo, Barcelona, by Antoni Gaudi

Casa Battlo, see the balconies looking like masks

Building next to Casa Batllo

Interesting building next to Casa Batllo

Staircase in Casa Batllo

Swerving staircase in Casa Batllo

Lights inside Casa Batllo

Lights representing Sea Tortuise

Casa Batllo

Window/doors onto porch inside living room of Casa Batllo

Light and roof inside Casa Batllo

Light inside Casa Batllo – note the interesting roof

Roof inside Casa Batllo

Interesting roof center piece inside Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo

The well-known turquise tiles of Casa Batllo

Roof of Casa Batllo

Roof of Casa Batllo – note the roof shaped like a dragon’s back

Roof of Casa Batllo

Roof from front of Casa Batllo

Sidewalk, Tiles of Modernism

Sidewalk, Tiles of Modernism – original tile found in Casa Batllo

Some image collages for pinterest:

Casa Batllo

Pin it – Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo

Pin it – Casa Batllo