Roasted Butternut Squash/Pumpkin

Roasted Butternut with Pumpkin seeds and Feta {MyHomelifeBlog}

Roasted Butternut with Pumpkin seeds and Feta

I love butternut and grew up knowing it as pumpkin, only to find out recently it is actually a squash. Interesting. Never the less, it is still one of my favourites and quite an easy vegetable to prepare. Below you will find my embarrassingly easy recipe to roast a butternut.

Peeling a butternut is probably one of the worst ‘cooking jobs’ on earth. It can really be a tough job and your hands end up being sticky yellow. So don’t frown on the following line you will be reading. Leave the skins on, they are edible. I know many people might see this as lazy or unheard of or perhaps even be offended if you serve them butternut without removing the skin, but I have seen this in several recipes and have eaten it like this for quite some time. You can find a product review HERE I did on my Victorinox Julienne Y-Peeler that works great peeling a butternut should you still want to peel.

The trick is you must roast it long enough in a little bit of oil to make sure the skin is soft. It is very easy to remove the skin once cooked, so the person eating got that option. What I like about serving my roasted butternut with the skin is that it looks rustic, it also keeps the form of the slices and it makes for a real easy vegetable option at night.


1 Butternut

1 circle/slice of Feta

1 handful of pumpkin seeds

Olive oil

Salt and pepper


  1. Wash the butternut. Slice the tips off. Halve the butternut and remove all seeds with a spoon. Now cut the butternut into thick slices.
  2. Add slices to an oven roast pan and sprinkle with olive oil.
  3. Cook on 180 degrees Celsius for an hour.
  4. Shortly before you are done take the pan out of the oven, break the feta into pieces over the butternut, sprinkle the butternut seeds over it and add salt and pepper. Place back into the oven.

That is it, very easy. Yes an hour is quite long, but you can steam or boil the butternut first until it is almost soft and start the roasting process then. I like the fact that only one dish gets dirty by roasting it, I also made this with a chicken at the same time in the oven, the oven was set to thermo fan which makes cooking on two shelves above each other perfect.

You might also think it is weird to add salt, pepper and salty feta to butternut, but it really is flavoursome. A lot of people know it as pumpkin and then as a sweet pumpkin with a cinnamon syrup type taste. I try to stay away from all that sweetness.




Butternut seeds removed, cut into slices

Roast Butternut

Throw Butternut slices into roasting pan and drizzle with oil, bake for an hour on 180 degrees Celsius

Roasted butternut

Add Feta, Pumpkin seeds and salt and pepper and roast a little more.

Roasted Butternut with Feta and Pumpkin Seeds ©myhomelifeblog

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