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Bialetti Moka Express

I am rather excited to review this product as I love coffee. We have used our Bialetti Moka Express (I will further refer to this as only Bialetti) for two and a half probably almost three years now. Read more below.


This product is Italian, when I think of Italian I think of decent coffee and quality in design. We visited Italy a year ago and found it interesting that none of our accommodation had kettles. They did have Bialettis however and also freshly ground coffee beans. It really was such a pleasure even in the plainest of stays.


We got our Bialetti as a wedding gift and have been using it nearly every day the past (almost) three years. We started off in a flat with an electrical stove; it worked perfectly well on that. In our house we have a gas stove, it works even better. The only problem I have here (and it is mostly with my stove) is that the grid is quite far apart and with the bottom of our Bialetti being fairly small it is quite a balancing act. I must just go buy the fitting to go onto the grid for smaller pots etc. We have a Defy stove, other stoves might not have this problem. We use one of the smaller sized Bialettis for the two of us, you get larger sizes the more cup sizes you go up and we do not have the same problem.


We found 1 cup to be 1 espresso and if you drink your coffee with milk to up your size to 2 espressos per coffee. So a 2 cup Bialetti for instance would work for 1 person if they want to make a cappuccino style coffee.


How does the Bialetti Moka Express work?

  1. Fill the bottom with water up to the maximum line.
  2. Insert the funnel that holds the coffee and fill, do not compress your coffee, do not use too fine coffee, it will clog the filter.
  3. Add the top; make sure it fits securely as you don’t want water to leak through. Do not use the handle to pull it tight.
  4. Place the Bialetti onto your stove and turn on the heat, try to control the heat, too much heat will burn your coffee.
  5. Remove just before it boils, I prefer placing mine directly onto my cold granite top once removed to stop the boiling process. Hazel brown foam appears just seconds before the coffee is completely done.
  6. Fill your cups with coffee.
  7. As we like coffee with milk we make froth in our Nespresso (DeLonghi) frother (Read more here on the Nespresso U Machine review).
  8. ENJOY


To clean we rinse it off with warm water, no soap. Make sure that it dries out completely before assembling all together and putting it away in a cupboard. Apparently you can remove coffee stains at the bottom of the Bialetti by putting 2 tablespoons of salt, lemon juice of half a lemon and some ice cubes into the bottom of the pot, hold closed with your hand and move all around, wash in a sink with warm water and a sponge (I have not personally tried this). Do not wash this in a dishwasher. I do like the used look however, it builds character.


My Negative comments:

  1. It can take a while if you have several people to serve, but obviously then you use a larger Moka Express. We often end up using different cup sized Bialetti’s together to serve a certain number of guests.
  2. Needs quite a few Bialettis (IF you want to serve different number of people) – as mentioned above you might need quite a few different cup sized Bialetti’s depending on your usage. I did the review based on our most common use, coffee for my husband and me in the morning.


My Positive comments:

  1. Trusted, to me I feel like I have grown a relationship with my Bialetti, I know him by now and I know what I get. It is the perfect cup of coffee for my husband and me in the morning.
  2. Basic, I love the fact that it is quite a basic way to make coffee, almost like the French press, no fancy gadgets, no loud machines clucking away to prepare a cup of coffee.
  3. Size, I love the size, I can pack it in when we go away for a weekend or on holiday.
  4. Look, it is a classic look and I believe seeing the little aluminum pot steaming on the stove-top ads to the fabulous taste in the end.
  5. Taste, this is probably the most important and can be linked with trusted. I enjoy the coffee it brews and I always know what I can expect from it.


Some extra product information:

  1. Made in Italy
  2. Bialetti has a distinctive eight-sided shape. This allows it to diffuse heat perfectly to enhance the aroma of your coffee.
  3. Remove the pot before it starts to boil for smooth tasting coffee.


I trust this review was of help to you.



Bialetti Moka Express

Fill water to the line (see line just above the water level on this photo)

Bialetti Moka Express

Insert the filter

Bialetti Moka Express

Add the freshly ground coffee beans – make sure they are not too fine

Bialetti Moka Express

Add the top

Bialetti Moka Express

Place on stove top and turn up the heat

Bialetti Moka Express

Coffee will start to pour through the top nozzle. just before it reaches the top it will form a hazelnut creme, take off of heat before it starts to boil

Bialetti Moka Express

Pour into a cup

Bialetti Moka Express

This is more than an espresso shot, leave space for enough milk/froth


Add warm froth / milk


Enjoy your coffee!

Bialettie Moka Express review on My Homelife Blog

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