Hello 2016

Beezy Bailey; Stellenbosch

Sculpture in Stellenbosch, I believe by Beezy Bailey

Hello again. It has been rather a while since I have posted, so herewith a quick update before I get back to normal posting.

I know everyone can say life has been busy, it was the silly season wasn’t it? So I guess I do not have valid excuses to not post. We did not have leave (so no real excuse there), we had to work and by staying at home we got everyone’s chores who went away on holiday. What I am actually saying is time was limited and I decided to not do any posts or take too many photos so that we can have enough family time over the ‘holiday’ period and get a bit of the feel that everyone else seemed to enjoy by having some less commitments.
Christmas season was a wonderful time with visits to the beach and wine farms in the close vicinity. Lots of cycling. Durbanville is situated so well! Loving our town and the greater Cape town, beautiful. We started an earthworm composting system, will do a separate post on that as soon as we have compost to ‘harvest’. We worked A LOT in the garden, added bird feeders etc and did a few things around the house which I will still also share in due time.
We are dealing with a terrible draught in South Africa and water restrictions, we are all trying to do our part to save water. The Rand has gone haywire. More friends have moved overseas. Despite all this we are loving our country, praying for it and enjoying it and trying our best to give back and building it up where possible. Simunye
2016 has arrived and is in full swing, honestly we never noticed the end of 2015 with all just continuing as normal and no ‘quiet’ time for us. I guess when we go on leave in March the year will come to an end for us, we will find our bit of peace and recharge for the year ahead. We are really looking forward to visit Eerste River for the first time ever. It is beautiful! You can Google it so long, but be sure a post will follow our visit.
How was your Christmas and New Year holiday? Could you and your family enjoy a peaceful time together and see the year come to an end? Any interesting resolutions? Do share! I am open for new ideas.
Hoping to get back into the swing of normal posts soon again, must say I am missing my blog!