Finding the perfect dining table

“Some of the most important conversations I’ve ever had occurred at my family’s dinner table.” Bob Ehrlich

I have not been posting regularly, we have been away on leave after a very busy time at work. I must still do posts of our previous holiday destinations! Let alone the one we just had.

Lately we have been in search of the perfect dining room table. It seems like a simple job, but it has been one of the hardest things to find.

Our criteria so far:

Wood – we like Teak or a more rustic Oak. Natural colours.

Shape – rectangular. Long not square. This will visually work the best in our available space to prevent a cluttered look. The legs should be on the corners in order for the chairs to fit in easily next to each other and not have table legs in the way when moving seats around to the head of the table.

Finish – the more raw the table look the better. No shiny varnish.

Size – we want an 8 seater.

Price – affordable please!


Does this sound like too much too ask? It feels quite impossible. We know we can have a table made custom to our needs. We have nearly gone this route, but realised that the table top is what makes or break the deal for us. You have almost no say in the planks they use and which plank goes next to which. We have seen horrible table tops with marks that look like little animals peeking at you. We love a table with character and want the marks and not a plain clean slate (you can choose the wood when you purchase prime perfect grade). At this stage we are hoping to find our perfect table before considering to have one made.

If it sounds that I am obsessing a bit about something as simple as a table, just give me a moment to explain. I see a table (just like a kitchen) as the centre point of the home. This is where we get together at the end of a day (and sometimes the start) and eat together. We sit down and talk. Our friends all end up next to the table and the hours roll by. It gives such a massive space to do projects on, sit and work if need be. Blog… I can imagine children some day doing homework here at the dinner table. I see a table as a beautiful object bringing and binding people together.

That said, I have found these images on Pinterest – not a single one my perfect table, but they are gorgeous and create such a beautiful picture. I hope you enjoy them!



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