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Summer is here – new habits and strategies

Summer has reached us here in Cape Town (this weekend feels right back like winter again however). With the warmer weather and better moods one is naturally inclined to want to bring about… Continue reading

Back in the saddle

It has been a while since I have cycled, but I am happy to say that I have broken the dead quiet winter break. We had proper sunshine for the first time in,… Continue reading

I fell… and I fell… and I fell… and fell and fell

So we have taken our cycling to a ‘next’ level and went even more off road on a farm with quite a few hills. Firstly, it is such a blessing to live where… Continue reading

Going off-road for the first time – MTB

I have only done one post so far on mountain biking as we have not really gone off-road. We have been cycling in the residential area getting used to the bikes, climbing hills… Continue reading

Mountain biking – or rather cycling for the first time in years

Yesterday was the first time I got onto a bike in probably, 15 or 16 years, or at least not a stationary bike. We found out cycling is about the only sport/exercise my… Continue reading

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