Finding a house to call home

The title should actually read the FRUSTRATION of finding a house to eventually call home. My husband and I are looking for a house, but in South Africa and possibly anywhere else in… Continue reading

Photos photos and more photos

I have forced myself to add this category to my blog as I love taking photos, BUT (unfortunately there is a but) I do not know enough about my camera. So this section… Continue reading

Siena Italy – May 2014

We drove from Greve in Chianti to Siena area – a must see in Italy. The area represents everything you have pictured Tuscany to be from old movies, rolling hills with Cypress trees, a… Continue reading

Food food food

I love food and so does my husband. It is in fact something we enjoy creating together, spending time together, experience different tastes and making a date of it. I know, the luxury of… Continue reading

Greve in Chianti Italy – May 2014

Greve – such a pleasant town. We hired a car and drove from Firenze to Greve. A town surrounded by olive trees and vineyards, not such a major tourist attraction, so pleasant to… Continue reading

Firenze Italy – May 2014

On our Italian trip we went from Rome to Firenze. Another touristy town, but much smaller and easier to walk. We spent two nights here and believe we had enough time in the… Continue reading

Rome – May 2014

We landed in Rome and took the bus to central town close to the Vatican. Your trip starts in a somewhat modern building into hectic traffic and then you end up in an… Continue reading

Italy May/June 2014

We visited Italy this year and it was a feast, to the eyes and taste buds. Amazing art, beautiful ancient buildings, streets with lights in the evening alive with people. Beautiful landscapes, delicious… Continue reading


I have started this blog as a medium to express (for myself) what I find inspiring and enjoyable at this stage of my life. I am under 30, married, working, but enjoying making… Continue reading

Getting started

This is just a test to see whether I can figure out how to use or rather start this ‘project’ blog. Start wherever you are and start small. -Rita Baily

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