Pancakes (Crepes) for an Autumn day in Spring

Pancakes / Crepes / Pannekoek with Cinnamon-Sugar Recipe

Pancakes / Crepes / Pannekoek with Cinnamon-Sugar Recipe

I grew up to know Crepes as Pancakes, or if you would like, Pannekoek as said in Afrikaans. It is supposed to be late spring here at the moment, but we have had a proper autumn day and all of a sudden I am craving pancakes (crepes)!

Tonight is also one of the few evenings in quite a while that I have all to myself, no cooking or prepping anything for anyone else. It is an oddly strange feeling. So I have decided to first grab my laptop and get to blogging a recipe as it has been a while, time is flying by quicker and quicker the more we approach Christmas. One cannot help but be reminded the importance of taking time out for oneself every once in a while… when you get to relax with pancakes, cool weather and well anything else you want. Funny enough, not that it is really different from any other night, it just feel like a date with yourself!

So back to pancakes (Crepes). This recipe I got from my mother who got it from my grandmother. It is so economical, easy and delicious. There is oil in the mixture and no milk, this help the pancakes stay ‘fresher’ if you want to keep some for the next day. You might be familiar with the bland taste and texture of left-over pancakes (crepes). Not great, the oil helps keep it moist and foldable.

You can use pancakes (crepes) for a sweet or savoury meal. They are so versatile.

Pancakes / Crepes (serves two)


2 eggs

2 cups of water

a pinch of salt

1∕2 a cup of flour

2 tsp baking powder

30ml vinegar


  1. Whisk together: water, eggs, vinegar, oil and add the salt.
  2. Sieve the flour in slowly.
  3. Add baking powder.
  4. Let the mixture stand for half an hour before you make your pancakes.
  5. Add a scoop of mixture into a pan over low heat. (if not non-stick first add a bit of cooking oil) Swirl pan in your hand to even-out the pancake.
  6. Once the pancake cooks through it will star showing fine bubbles, use a spatula to flip the pancake over. Once you can move the pancake around in the pan it is ready to serve.

Catch the side of the pancake / crepes with a fork and roll into a roll to serve.

For sweet pancakes I prefer them with just plain old cinnamon-sugar. (just mix sugar with cinnamon powder to your liking). Once sprinkled over the pancake (Crepes) I like to add a squirt of lemon juice.

Tip: place a pot with a bit of water on a slow-cooking stove plate. Add a ceramic plate onto the pot, the steam will keep the plate warm. Stack your cooked pancakes (crepes) on top of each other and cover with the pot lid to keep warm. This gives you time to prepare all and keep them warm before serving to eat. There is nothing as terrible as one person standing and preparing pancakes while everyone else eat. Also, add cinnamon-sugar and a squirt of lemon juice on top of each pancake before you stack the next, this allows the sugar to melt and create a delicious sweet/sour sauce. You can add more cinnamon-sugar when serving.

Also note, you can keep the pancake / crepes leftover mixture in the fridge if you want to make fresh pancakes the following day.



Crepes - Pancake - Pannekoek Recipe

Whisk together: Eggs, water, vinegar, oil and salt.

Pancake - Crepes - Pannekoek Recipe

Whisk well

Pancake - Crepes - Pannekoek Recipe

Sieve flour, add slowly while whisking together

Pancake - Crepes - Pannekoek Recipe

Make sure not to burn the Crepes – Pancakes.

Pancake - Crepes - Pannekoek Recipe

Mixing Cinnamon-Sugar

Pancake - Crepes - Pannekoek Recipe

Add the Cinnamon-Sugar with a squirt of Lemon Juice to the Crepes – Pancakes.

Pancake - Crepes - Pannekoek Recipe

Roll the Crepes – Pancakes into rolls to serve.


Free Printable Recipe (just click on the image to save):

Pancake - Crepes - Pannekoek Recipe

Free Printable Recipe