Pancakes (Crepes) for an Autumn day in Spring

I grew up to know Crepes as Pancakes, or if you would like, Pannekoek as said in Afrikaans. It is supposed to be late spring here at the moment, but we have had… Continue reading

Fruit and Veggie inspiration

Het jy jouself al vind staan voor ‘n rak gevul met vars groente by jou plaaslike markie, gevries, jy staan letterlik en verstaar jou?┬áHave you ever cought yourself in the veggie isle at… Continue reading

Babylonstoren – one of the oldest Cape Dutch farms in South Africa with Inspiring Gardens- Travel

Babylonstoren is one of the oldest Cape Dutch farms in South Africa with the most beautiful gardens inspired by the 17th and 18th century Cape Town Company Gardens as well as the gardens… Continue reading

Cooked Beetroot with fresh Basil leaves – Recipe

You might not yet know this about me, but I love markets, food markets specifically. There is something about fresh produce staring at you with so much promise. Promise of new ideas to… Continue reading

Walking through Barcelona

Today I feel a bit nostalgic remembering our Barcelona holiday. Long gone by now. I will share some of the photos of buildings that really caught my eye. Some famous, some beautiful and… Continue reading

Vanilla cupcake recipe with Lemon buttercream icing

A cupcake is a cupcake is a cupcake… says who? We (both my husband and myself) have recently celebrated many birthdays at work and I must say, we are OVER cupcakes. But. We had these again and got reminded how tasty and what a treat a cupcake can be. Read the rest of the post for a real simple recipe that will definitely not let you down.

Women’s Month – August

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different – Coco Chanel

Barcelona – Sagrada Familia

  Visiting the Sagrada Familia was a magical experience, light white walls with light beaming through the windows. Sunrays picking up every colour of the rainbow.

Clever Biodegradable way of Transplanting Seedlings

When we moved into our home we got a lot of cuttings for our garden. It is a treat. We now can start giving cuttings/seedlings to friends from our own garden. It can… Continue reading

Seared steak – Steak prepared the South African way – Braai

Soft, juicy steak prepared the South African way. Meaning… roasted over an open fire, pretty much a barbeque, but we name it braai in Afrikaans and take note, braai is a verb (said… Continue reading

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