Flapjacks / pancakes for breakfast

Flapjacks (known as pancakes in America) is a great easy breakfast where you can go all out. We enjoyed it this morning with a sweet/salt combo, bacon and caramel sauce. We also had… Continue reading

Pink Oyster mushroom Risotto

The name says it all, this risotto is creamy and packed with taste. It compliments seafood well as the Pink Oyster mushrooms in general is a perfect match for it. This recipe is… Continue reading

Seared Salmon with balsamic, soya and honey sauce

Our Sunday lunch for today was seared salmon with a sauce mixture of balsamic vinegar, soya sauce and honey. We also had Pink Oyster mushroom risotto with this which complimented it very well. Will… Continue reading

Growing your own herbs – container gardening

We have been experimenting with growing herbs in a pot on our porch, they were in fact the first addition to our container garden. Lately it has been flourishing and we are enjoying… Continue reading

Venice, Italy – City of water and bridges – June 2014

From Cinque Terre we took the train to Venice with a stopover in Milan (beautiful building at the train station). When you start walking in Venice you immediately realise you are in a… Continue reading

Growing salad leaves in a container

As I have mentioned in my previous blog we do container gardening on our porch. It is working wonderful. At the moment we have a good supply of salad leaves, we never have… Continue reading

Victorinox Angled Y-peeler

The Victorinox Angled Y-peeler is a great basic tool to have in any kitchen. It is nothing fancy and can do no magical tricks, but it is easy to use with a sharp blade. Just… Continue reading

Container gardening

I love gardening, plants growing and blooming from scratch – it is exciting to see especially if you get to eat the fruit!


I have decided another category should be added to my home life blog as it actually forms quite a special part of home that I share with my husband. Wine. When we got… Continue reading

Cinque Terre, Monterosso al Mare, Italy – June 2014

Cinque Terre, beautiful nature, flat oceans, hiking, steep little towns – awesome. We took the train to Cinque Terre, Monterosso al  Mare, and made our way to the old town trough the tunnel where we… Continue reading

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