Summer is here – new habits and strategies

Summer has reached us here in Cape Town (this weekend feels right back like winter again however). With the warmer weather and better moods one is naturally inclined to want to bring about… Continue reading

Visiting Casa Batllo – designed by Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona, Spain

Today’s post will all be about Casa Batllo (pronounced Bayah) designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi. The house is in Barcelona, Spain, we visited August 2015.

Tips for visiting Barcelona

We have recently visited Barcelona and France and I know, I owe you some posts on them. I will start off with Barcelona as it was the first stop of our trip. It… Continue reading

Feeling upside down, inside out?

Have you ever felt like the sculpture in the above image? What do you think it resembles or implies? I was feeling as if my day was a bit upside down and was… Continue reading

Politeness is the flower of humanity – Joseph Joubert

I do realise the picture is not the most beautiful flower, but I like it, so bear¬†with me. I came across the quote of Joseph Joubert: “Politeness is the flower of humanity” and… Continue reading

Pea Soup

It is spring in South Africa, but winter has decided to linger a little longer, so I have grabbed the opportunity to make soup, probably for the last time this year. I made… Continue reading

My Homelifeblog has been featured!

I know this is already a month old, but I have not had time to do a proper post on it..only a quick tweet so far, here goes. Enjoy. My Homelife Blog has… Continue reading

Back in the saddle

It has been a while since I have cycled, but I am happy to say that I have broken the dead quiet winter break. We had proper sunshine for the first time in,… Continue reading

What we’ve been up to

I do realise that I have not posted anything lately, so I thought I would just give a quick update to show that I am still alive. 

Back from holiday

I have been away on holiday and had a few scheduled posts the last two weeks. My first time experimenting with scheduled posts! I unfortunately have no idea how to do the same… Continue reading

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